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Jake Laderman

Founder, Director, Agency Director

Jake Laderman is a founder, co-label manager and primary booking agent for Damaged. Jake handles the bookings of the various talented artists signed to the Damaged booking agency, while co-managing record label affairs, wholesale enquiries and the backend of the Damaged webstore.

Likes: Local music, walking the dog, vegetarian pho
Dislikes: Celery

Stevie Williams

Founder, Director, Record Club Director

Stevie Williams is a founder, co-label manager and curator of the patreon/record club for Damaged. Stevie handles the club affairs, member enquiries and curation of the record club.

Likes: DJ mash-ups, running, wine
Dislikes: Being woken up

Jarrod Goon

Jarrod Goon

Director, Freight & Logistics Manager

Jarrod is a director and general manager of customer orders/enquiries for Damaged. Jarrod leads the team in the dispatching of all orders from the Damaged webstore. He also handles all customer enquiries relating to webstore orders.

Likes: Guitars, 1980's fashion, coupla cold ones
Dislikes: Peas